9 Years as an Internet Marketer – The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned – Part 2

6) Create Products – If you don’t know what to create a product around, or feel that you don’t know enough; just document your progress as you work towards completing a goal – any goal. Leave nothing out, the mistakes that you make and obstacles that you overcome are a valuable learning process. A short pdf (like this one) is fine. You can always use it as a giveaway to build your list, a bonus for an affiliate product or as a bonus for one of your paid products.

7) Learn how sales funnels work –  build some with whatever tools you have. The vast majority of successful internet marketers have sales funnels, so if you’re going to be successful, you’ll need them too

8) Advanced Tools will help you, but only when you first understand the basics. The advanced tools that I use are:

Optimizepress for building Squeeze pages, sales pages and more

Member Rocket (combined with Optimizepress) – for building Membership sites. I’ve tried the majority of membership site plugins/software out there, and for me Member Rocket is the simplest to operate.

Easy Video Suite for screen recording videos and video players. I used to use Camtasia + Easy Video Player, but Easy Video Suite, supersedes those two.

USB Mic for recording your voice on your videos. I use the Snowball Mic from Blue – you can find it on Amazon.

Multivariate Testing software – numerous options. I use Visual Website Optimizer on both my own sites and client sites.

SEO Powersuite – a set of tools that let you analyse websites and their backlinks, plus track rankings there are free versions of each software, but I use the Pro version for producing reports for clients.

HideMyAss – Desktop proxy software that uses various ip’s so you don’t get blocked from Google when you’re doing a lot of searches or ranking updates.

WpTwin or Backupbuddy for Cloning Websites

Myrepono Plugin – I back up all my sites and all of my client sites using this low cost automated backup solution. Restore is 1 click, and it just works.

Market Samurai for keyword research and competitor research

Ahrefs for quickly checking backlink profiles and site errors. Also for identifying error pages that have links pointing to them and for “broken linkbuilding”

9) As far as you can, keep it simple and stick to the basics

I’ve bought hundreds of courses and wso’s over the years. In all that time only one has actually made me money – and it’s no longer available.

Most of the offers that I see are the same ones that you see. Save your money.

What you do need is:

A good website with regularly updated content
A way to build your list
Offers to market to your list

That’s it.

10) Get a mentor

I play a lot of tennis. I’m a decent club player, but I always want to be better. So when I’m having a problem, I get some coaching, and it always works.

I’m an internet marketer. I’m a decent Internet Marketer, but I always want to be better. So when I’m having a problem, I get some coaching, and it sometimes works.

Finding the right coach/mentor isn’t easy. I currently pay 2 mentors to help me move forward, and I’m very happy with their input.

I’ve had 3 previous mentors, and been burned – badly

My advice is to thoroughly research them first, and don’t pay over $197 per month – at least initially. Never commit to a large upfront payment before you’ve had a chance to check out how effective a mentor will be for you.