9 Years as an Internet Marketer – The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned – Part 1

This list is a reminder to me of how far I’ve come as a marketer in a little over 9 years …

But more importantly, it’s my gift to you …

If I can help you find the right track, or at least avoid the many wrong ones, I’ll be content with my day …

I joined the Warrior Forum on 17th February 2004 a few months after I became interested in Internet Marketing – go check, my username there is tonyscott

I’ve probably spent upwards of $50,000 on Internet Marketing Products and Services, some good, some bad. So I’ve learned how not to waste money over the years.

I’ve earned all of it back and much more, and I still buy products every week.

Today, I’m a 6 figure Online/Offline Marketer and this is the stuff that I wish I’d known in my early days …

Enjoy, and just because it’s simple, don’t overlook it, please.

1) You’ll need a budget, particularly if you’re a beginner. Set your monthly budget and spend it as wisely as you can. Avoid all the shiny new things, sort out the basics, and don’t try to rush it. The internet will still be here in a years time. If you’ve maxed out your credit card though, you may not be.

2) The basics are:

Domain registrar – where you buy your domains. I use Namecheap.com

Hosting – you got to have it – I use Hostgator and have a reseller account – use the coupon “webprofitsolutions” to get a discount

Autoresponder – Mailchimp is free, but you will trip their t+c if you send affiliate offers out, so there is a price. I use Aweber

WordPress for building websites – FREE

Xheader (free) for simple banners

Google Analytics – Free, for tracking traffic and conversion rates

That’s it, you could build a million dollar business without buying anything else, if you really wanted to.

3) You will need to publish information, which means having your own website. Yes I know you can publish on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and a hundred other platforms, but you don’t own them. For a few dollars a month you can establish your own piece of virtual real estate, that you control. Use wordpress – it’s easy.

4) You’ll need to develop your own style and voice, which means you’ll need to write and continue to refine your writing skills. Publish your blog posts as often as you can. If you’re a complete beginner, publish what you learned today, or what held you back. You’ll set yourself apart from the 99.99% of people who don’t bother to do so.

5) Build a List – yes I know you hear this everywhere, but how big is your list? Back in 2005 I owned around 50 really crappy Adsense sites that for a while brought me in over $40,000 in a year and had millions of visits. Had I built a list instead of concentrating on Adsense, I would still have been making money from those now dead websites.