Online Marketing in 2013

A website without traffic is useless … unless you get a lot of value from showing it to your granny.

Yes I know some Corporates couldn’t care less about their traffic and don’t need to generate enquiries from their website, but down here in the real world the rest of us do.

It used to be simple … but the world has changed, or rather Google, the source of 90% of search engine traffic has, so it’s time to adapt, or watch as your competitors do, and your income dries up.

Back before Google existed and Yahoo was the only big search engine in town, a website cost around $10,000 and if you could afford that entry point, you were guaranteed to get traffic and business … because you had no competition.

As competition increased Search Engine Optimization grew in importance and eventually, most people sussed out that the more anchor text links (google it or click this link) you had, the higher you’d rank and the more traffic you’d get. So to a large extent, the first page of Google search results were populated by websites owned by people with big SEO budgets and that’s not what Google wants … It wants those big budgets to be spent on advertising with Google … via Adwords.

If you’d entered a time machine at the very start of the industrial revolution – let’s say Doctor Who’s Tardis, or prof Brown’s DeLorean from Back The Future, and then instantly returned 50 years later, you would barely recognise the world you just left … bear with me – I promise there’s a point to this …

If, on the other hand, you’d remained on earth with the rest of us you’d barely notice the changes, just like you don’t notice a change in your appearance when you look in the mirror every day (but do when you look at old photographs).

And that’s what’s happening now … Except the pace of change is ten times faster, because we have computers.

If you’re just learning about online marketing, chances are what you’re reading or attempting to do is out of date … probably even counter productive and here’s the thing … you’ll never catch up, sorry, that’s just how it is.

The only way forward if that’s you is to copy proven systems by finding someone to show you how it’s done …